She Grew Up In A Home Infested With Mold, And She’s Telling You How To Prevent Toxic Mold Growth In Your Own Home

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TikToker Kali (@kaligirly) grew up in a home infested with mold, and she’s telling you how to prevent toxic mold growth in your own home.

Growing up in a moldy home caused Kali to be sick her whole life without knowing the reason why. Now, she’s recovering from mold illness.

Last year, Kali finally moved out of her moldy house, and her health has significantly improved. So she’s making sure that her new home is kept as mold-free as possible. In the past, Kali had many bad habits that contributed to the growth of mold in her old home.

Mold only needs moisture and 24 hours to grow. So a big part of maintaining a mold-free house is to keep the humidity levels between 35 percent and 50 percent. Any higher than that, and mold will start growing in your home.

“That was a big mistake we made at my parent’s house. I remember in the summer, whenever it would rain, the temperature would drop outside, so we’d open the windows to save energy on cooling off the house,” said Kali.

However, when Kali would go to bed at night, her sheets felt wet because it was so humid indoors. Also, any type of water leak in your house must be addressed within 24 hours, or else mold will appear in the spots where there is water damage.

It’s important not to leave anything wet in your house. Furthermore, don’t let clothes sit in your washing machine all day.

When the machine has finished its cycle, leave the door open so it can air out and dry off. In addition, run the self-clean cycle at least once a month to prevent lint build-up.

In the bathroom, turn on the fan when you’re taking a shower. You can even get a dehumidifier for your bathroom.

Fotoluminate LLC – – illustrative purposes only

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