She Recently Found Out That She’s Related To The One And Only Taylor Swift

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Imagine finding out that you’re related to a famous person. TikToker Caitlyn (@caitlynrae) recently learned she’s related to the one and only Taylor Swift. Granted, they are only thirteenth cousins, but it’s still an exhilarating revelation!

She discovered her lineage to the pop star after her aunt started a project involving their family tree. It turns out that Caitlyn and Taylor Swift share ancestors who were on the Mayflower.

Caitlyn is directly related to one man named Stephen Hopkins, an influential figure during his time. He had a daughter, Constance Hopkins, who married a man named Nicholas Snow.

To help further her project, Caitlyn’s aunt purchased a book listing five hundred notable descendants of the founding families of the Mayflower.

And in the book, they discovered Taylor Swift’s name on the list! Of course, Caitlyn was in disbelief, so her aunt dug a little deeper.

After doing more research, her aunt encountered a website depicting how Taylor is related to the Hopkins.

“My aunt is obviously in the middle of filling in our family tree, and we’re pretty sure I’m either the twelfth or thirteenth great-granddaughter of him [Stephen Hopkins,] too. I could also be the eleventh; we really just don’t know right now,” said Caitlyn.

Caitlyn also explained that the Snow family, which the Hopkins married into, was extremely massive and wealthy. She didn’t know much about them until her 21st birthday.

On her 21st birthday, Caitlyn received a seemingly random check in the mail from someone named John Ben Snow. John Ben Snow’s lineage can be traced back to Nicholas Snow.

west7megan – – illustrative purposes only

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