She Reported Her Roommate’s Girlfriend For Business Fraud After Her Address Was Listed For A New LLC

IVASHstudio - - illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

This 23-year-old woman currently lives with three roommates– two men and one woman. And one of her male roommates, Devin, has a 22-year-old girlfriend named Destiny, who is not on their lease.

Yet, just a few days ago, she received a letter addressed to an LLC that also happened to have “Destiny” in the company name. This prompted her to jump on Google to research the LLC, and she discovered that her roommate’s girlfriend had opened a new online business.

Then, she decided to look up the LLC’s business records and made a shocking realization.

“I saw that Destiny used my address as her business address. Again, Destiny is not on the lease. This sounds like business fraud,” she said.

This made her extremely nervous that she would be evicted if her landlord ever found out. Plus, her current landlord apparently owns more than 80% of the long-term rental properties in her area.

So, if she and her roommates got evicted, they would all be blacklisted as renters and would be unable to find another rental to live in.

To her knowledge, Destiny did not ask any of them– including Devin– if it was okay to use their address, either. That’s why she decided to confront her roommate’s girlfriend with the news, and she apparently caught Destiny pretty off guard.

“Destiny seemed very surprised that I found out,” she revealed.

“Destiny thought business information was private, so we could never know. But while some records are private, the person who started the LLC and the addresses used are public information.”

IVASHstudio – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

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