She Showed Up For A Skydiving Date And Found Out The Guy Was Super Short, So She Had To Crouch Down To Be Attached To This Guy Before Falling Out Of The Plane

2d9 - - illustrative purposes only, not the actual people

One woman went on a skydiving first date that didn’t go as she hoped it would. A TikTok creator who goes by the handle @katalysstmusic is talking about a disastrous skydiving date she went on with a guy who was super short. And his height wasn’t the only thing that made this first date so terrible.

She had just moved to northern California for an internship and didn’t know anyone in the area. She had also never been on Tinder before and decided that she might as well join the app so she could try to meet new people.

She went on many Tinder dates, but one, in particular, stood out to her. She matched with a guy who had a bunch of skydiving pictures in his profile, and he happened to be Portuguese, both details that she thought were interesting.

It turned out that he worked at a local skydiving center, so they planned to go skydiving for their first date. When she arrived, she found out he was at least half a foot shorter than her.

In her video, she clarifies that she has nothing against shorter men, but in this case, their height difference posed a problem.

They were going to do a tandem skydive, which is when two people jump out of an airplane while they are strapped together.

And according to the creator, tandem skydiving is pretty awkward when you’re significantly taller than the person behind you.

She was forced to crouch down and make herself as small as possible, hobbling around with this guy attached to her.

In some on-screen text, she explained that the workers tried to pair her with someone else who matched her height better, but the guy refused to switch partners.

2d9 – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual people

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