She Upset Her Brother-In-Law After Inviting Her Niece Over For A Sleepover, But Excluding Her Niece’s Stepsister

Recently, Amy was scheduled to spend a Saturday night at her house so they could plan out some summer activities on Sunday.

When she picked up Amy, Rick asked if Kate could also spend the night at her house. Apparently, his sister-in-law had broken up with her fiancée two weeks before her wedding, so Rick and his wife needed to support her. He said he’d pick up both girls on Sunday night.

Once again, she told Rick no and emphasized that she’s never cared for a kid that young. She didn’t even babysit Amy when she was four. She said it’d be fine if Amy needed to stay with her longer, but she wouldn’t take Kate.

Rick started getting angry and told her that Kate was her niece too. He told her the favoritism needed to end and that the girls really needed their aunt at that moment.

“I stood firm and insisted on only taking Amy with me, as planned,” she said.

“They tried to tell me Kate is well-behaved, and they had all her things packed so it would be easy for me. I said they had a choice of letting Amy come with me or not, but I wouldn’t babysit Kate, end of discussion.”

She ended up only taking Amy to her house that night, but Rick was very mad at her.

Was she being rude for not taking Kate, or was she right to set a boundary?

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