She Was Set Up On A Semi-Blind Date, But This Guy Completely Expected To Sleep With Her And She Told Him No

Slava_Vladzimirska - - illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

This 25-year-old girl was set up on a “semi-blind date” with a 28-year-old guy who happens to be her friend’s cousin.

She had met this guy before at a party he put together that she went to, and after the party was over, he asked her if she would like to grab drinks with him.

The day that she was going to meet him for drinks, he texted her to say that he was positive he had food poisoning.

She asked him if he was alright, but for the entire week after, he didn’t reply to her once. Another week went by, and he finally said out of the blue that he would like to try to go on another date with her.

He invited her to come to his apartment to have drinks on his rooftop one evening at 6 p.m., and she said yes.

He didn’t cancel that date, and so she arrived at his place to have drinks with him. While she sat up there on his rooftop, she couldn’t help but notice the sparks were flying.

“Our date lasted 3 hours, and he asks to go to his apartment,” she explained. “I agree, but I was not the type to sleep with someone on the first date.”

“We went to his place and continue to talk, up until he tries to kiss me, and I reject it. I apologize because it’s not really something I usually feel comfortable doing on a first date. He apologized, and we go back to talking.”

“A half-hour later, his friend called him to hang out, and he let me know he wanted to see him, so we ended our date and said goodbye. He didn’t text for days after. Was I just asked on a booty call date?”

Slava_Vladzimirska – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

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