She Went On A Date Where The Guy Made Her Get Out To Pump His Gas While In Her Heels Because He Didn’t Feel Like It

Kaspars Grinvalds - - illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

Finding love in a big, sprawling city is no easy feat. You’d think you’d have a large selection of decent guys to choose from, but you’d be surprised. The dating scene in Los Angeles is a nightmare, and here’s a story that confirms it.

TikToker Morgan (@morganleighwillett) is talking about a bad date she had in L.A. where she ended up pumping gas into her date’s car for him since he didn’t feel like doing it himself.

So she went on a date with a guy who told her to dress up because he planned to take her out to a nice steakhouse restaurant.

Morgan put on a cute outfit and high-heeled shoes, then met him in Santa Monica. But when she  arrived, there was an unexpected change in the plans.

Instead of going to the restaurant, he decided that they would just get pizza and go to the beach. Morgan tends to go with the flow, but she was a little miffed because she was wearing heels, which aren’t the ideal footwear for a stroll in the sand.

Anyway, they forged ahead with the new plan and picked up a pizza. Once they were on the beach, he poured wine into plastic cups, and they ate the pizza slices on paper plates. In addition, he had brought one tiny towel for both of them to share.

Then, he kissed her, which Morgan thought was a bold move for a first date. But as they were kissing, Morgan realized that he wanted to hook up with her on the beach.

So she made up an excuse to leave, saying that she had work early in the morning and needed to go home. They packed everything up and headed back to his car. Morgan noted that he did not put his shoes on.

Before dropping her off at her place, they drove to the gas station, where he made an unbelievable request that proved chivalry was dead.

Kaspars Grinvalds – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

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