She’s Got A Way To Make S’mores Inside Your Home, In Case You Don’t Have Access To A Campfire

Olga Miltsova - - illustrative purposes only

Along with slices of juicy watermelon and colorful popsicles, s’mores are a favorite summertime treat here in America. You can bet that millions of marshmallows will be toasted over fires across the nation this summer.

Biting into gooey marshmallows and warm, melted chocolate sandwiched between two crunchy graham crackers is a tradition. But how did that tradition start?

No one really knows who invented s’mores, but an official recipe for s’mores came out in 1927 in a Girl Scout guidebook called Tramping and Trailing with the Girl Scouts.

And it makes total sense. I mean, who else could’ve put together such a seemingly random blend of ingredients other than a kid?

So usually, s’mores are made around the campfire outdoors, but what if the evening is just too hot to spend sitting near an open flame?

TikToker Laura (@momlifewithlaura) has a solution for that. She’s sharing a recipe on how to make s’mores indoors! No microwave will be needed.

While cooking over the campfire is fun, this method won’t leave your hair and clothes smelling like smoke. It also eliminates the risk of burned fingers and the frustration of accidentally dropping a marshmallow into the flames.

Plus, now you get to have s’mores whenever you want instead of waiting all year for summer to come back around.

So here’s how you can make indoor s’mores. You can have an entire tray of them in just a matter of minutes.

Olga Miltsova – – illustrative purposes only

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