While There Are So Many Flowers For Brides To Choose From, Here Are A Few Natural Elements To Add To Your Bouquet For A More Unique Look

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A bride’s bouquet is often seen as a beautiful accessory to the bride as she floats down the aisle. Many bride-to-be’s look for a bouquet that not only complements themselves but also ties in with the aesthetic of their wedding.

While there are so many flowers to choose from, recent brides have also opted to search for more wild elements to add to their bouquets.

Here are some natural details that can be added to your bouquet for a beautifully unique look.

1. Ferns

Ferns are a beautiful green leaf that can add to any bouquet, or they can even be used alone if you choose. There are multiple species of ferns that each have varying looks, and where they are in their growth cycle can also create a different outcome.

Try pairing some fern leaves with some white roses to add a more forest fairy vibe to an elegant classic.

2. Succulents & Air Plants

Succulents are popular for adding low-maintenance life and decor to your home. These, along with air plants, can also be inspirations for creating a bouquet that matches your tastes and style.

A perfect pick for a bouquet would be a succulent known as an Echeveria, which has a beautiful floral-like shape, putting a unique and modern twist on a traditional bouquet of flowers.

Stanislav – – illustrative purposes only

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