A Guy She Was Really Into Called Her By The Wrong Name, Which Was The Moment She Realized She Was Being Used As A Rebound

DavidPrado - - illustrative purposes only, not the actual people

New relationships are tough enough to navigate without adding in the baggage that comes from your or your potential partner’s past. There’s also an element of risk to every budding romance. You just never know what someone’s true intentions are.

It’s possible that they’re not emotionally available to start a new relationship and are just using you to get over the pain of losing an ex. Rebounding is complicated for everyone involved and can lead to some deeper hurt if the rebounder isn’t honest about it.

TikToker Sienna Hubert-Ross (@siennahubertross) is talking about how a guy she was really into called her by the wrong name when introducing her to his friend, which was the moment she realized she was being used as a rebound.

So she had been talking to a guy for two weeks. He was extremely handsome, and she was deeply attracted to him. He looked like he had walked straight out of a scene from a movie. Plus, he was always the focus of her daydreams.

They exchanged text messages every day and had amazing banter, constantly gossiping and joking around. Sienna was confident that he could be the one for her.

Eventually, he invited her to meet one of his friends. Sienna was excited, thinking that he must really like her if he was already introducing her to the other important people in his life.

She got all dressed up for the occasion. She got her lashes and nails done and even wore a pushup bra.

But when they met up with his friend, he called Sienna by the wrong name, introducing her as Sierra.

Sienna spoke up to correct him and pointed out that her name had two n’s in it. He apologized and revealed that he had dated a girl named Sierra before and that they both looked similar to each other.

DavidPrado – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual people

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