After Second-Guessing Her Relationship, She Overheard Her Boyfriend Reaffirming His Love For Her, And It Made Her Feel So In Love

And while her boyfriend and his cousin continued chatting, she just felt herself falling deeper in love with him.

Then, he eventually went back into the bedroom, laid down beside her, and started to rub her back. At that point, she admitted to overhearing his conversation and told her boyfriend how much she appreciated everything he did for her.

She also reassured her boyfriend that he had done nothing wrong, blaming her mind for just creating some insecurities.

Afterward, she spent the next half hour just showering her boyfriend with words of affirmation and playing with his hair before they went back outside to play a game with the rest of his family.

“I have never been more attracted to someone like I am to him. For the past three days, I have just been staring at his beautiful face and admiring how kind he is to everyone,” she revealed.

So now, for the first time in a long time, she finally feels happy and at peace. She also plans to reach out to her therapist to better herself and stop allowing her past trauma to mess with her mind and her relationship.

Has your partner ever reaffirmed your relationship? How would that sense of security make you feel? 

You can read the original post on Reddit here.

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