Everyone At School Found Out Her Half-Sister Makes Steamy Videos Online, And It Has Made Her Life Miserable, But Now Her Mom Wants Her To Post On Social Media Defending Her Sister

Her half-sister also didn’t even know about the scandal running rampant through her school until just last night.

Apparently, one of her last remaining friends’ mothers decided to call her mom to ask about the rumors. She didn’t know exactly what was said on the phone, but she did hear her mom yelling.

Afterward, her mom demanded that she go downstairs to the living room. Her mom called her half-sister and dad in for a family meeting as well.

It was during the family meeting that she learned that her mom was furious with her for not defending her sister.

Plus, her mom even wanted her to reactivate her TikTok account and post a public video message– which would essentially defend her half-sister while shaming the rest of her peers.

“But I know this will make it worse, so I told my mom no,” she explained.

This wound up making her half-sister pretty upset, and she got asked if she was ashamed and why she refused to support her half-sister.

By that point, though, she was getting really angry. So, she finally snapped and essentially blamed the whole bullying situation on her half-sister.

“I screamed that this was all her fault, that I will never support her or her life choices, and I wished she wasn’t my sister because my life has been [horrible], yet she has the nerve to play the victim,” she revealed.

Yet, this only made the argument worse, and her dad ultimately walked her back to her bedroom and instructed her to stay inside.

Later, her mom also went in, took her phone, and told her to pack up her things since she would be staying at her aunt’s house for the foreseeable future. Apparently, her mom couldn’t even handle being around her anymore.

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