He Called His Wife Out For Criticizing His Parents And Got Accused Of Censoring Her

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This guy and his wife have two completely different relationships with their families.

He, for instance, has a very complicated and strained relationship with his parents. And while it has been improving ever since he had kids, he and his wife still don’t see his parents that much since they live overseas.

His wife, on the other hand, only has her mom since her dad passed away a long time ago, and she does not have any siblings.

“They are very close, and her mom has been with us about 50% of the last four years, helping out with our kids,” he said.

While he admits that his mother-in-law is nice, though, he does also have some issues with her. He thinks his mother-in-law is constantly a bad communicator– always mumbling.

This is especially frustrating since he can only communicate with his mother-in-law in her native language, which means it is significantly more difficult to understand her.

“I constantly tell her to speak up and speak clearly, and she just kind of giggles. Rude,” he explained.

Still, he tries not to make a big deal about his mother-in-law mumbling or the various other things that annoy him, such as his mother-in-law always being pessimistic or talking with food in her mouth.

After all, he knows that she is family. So, he just has to put up with it.

ID 214388617 – © Marian Vejcik –

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