He Canceled A Date With A Woman After Finding Out She Had Kids, And Now His Coworkers Are Accusing Him of Being Judgmental

Masson - - illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

This man happens to work in a very social setting, which is why many of his coworkers invite their friends to the office from time to time.

One of his coworkers, Kelly, specifically has one of her friends, Amanda, come in occasionally. He is also friends with Kelly, so he has spoken to Amanda quite a bit.

“She’s very pretty, and there’s definitely been some chemistry between us,” he said.

That’s why Kelly actually pushed him to ask Amanda out. Then, after gaining some courage following a recent shift, he decided to take Kelly’s advice.

After he asked Amanda out, she said yes, and they started planning a date. However, the day before they were supposed to go out, Amanda asked if they could push their reservation back by 30 minutes. Apparently, Amanda’s babysitter was not able to arrive as early as she had thought.

Now, that comment caught him off guard because he had no clue that Amanda had children.

“And honestly, I’m just not interested in dating someone with kids. It’s just not for me,” he revealed.

So, he ultimately decided to respond by telling Amanda that was no problem. But, he admitted to not realizing that she had kids and said he just wasn’t looking to date anyone with children.

“I think it’s better we just stay friendly, and we can cancel the date,” he added to the message.

Masson – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

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