He Caught His Wife Taking Their Son’s ADHD Medication, And He’s Deeply Concerned That She Did This

His wife replied that he should just have their son skip his medication for just one day, and he should be totally fine.

“What am supposed to do here?” he wondered. “This feels like a huge violation of my trust in her and of her ability to put her needs over our child’s.”

“And based on her mannerisms, tone of voice, and refusal to talk about it after she knows it was a deeply wrong thing to do. Also, is she not concerned that while both medications are for ADHD, they are, in fact, different things?”

“Should I be concerned about withdrawal? It also honestly feels like addict behavior to me, like stealing grandma’s pain meds. How do I tell her that I’m deeply concerned about this and don’t ever want it to happen again without sending her into a rage?”

You can read the original post on Reddit here.

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