He Doesn’t Want To Watch His Sister-In-Law’s Wild Toddlers And Have To Sleep In A Twin Bed On This Vacation He’s About To Take With His Wife’s Family

nemanjanovakovic - - illustrative purposes only, not the actual people

When you have family members with young kids, it’s not uncommon for them to want to pass their kids off to somebody else for a while.

One man is fed up after finding out his sister-in-law will be going on a family vacation because it will most likely mean he and his wife will get stuck babysitting her kids.

He’s 25, and his wife is 24. His wife has a 26-year-old sister who is married with three kids, ages three, two, and one. 

Recently, his wife’s family has been talking about taking a group trip to Disney World next May.

“This all started to sound like a great idea, but my wife brought up a valid point that her sister would try to take advantage of us not having kids, and we may be looked at to babysit,” he said.

He is deeply worried about taking care of his sister-in-law’s kids while on vacation. They live hours apart, so they don’t visit that often, but on the few occasions they have, he’s noticed that her kids are wild.

“They don’t have a set bedtime, they don’t get told no, and if they don’t [feel like] doing something, then they will sit on the ground and throw a tantrum until they get their way,” he explained.

He doesn’t have a ton of experience with babysitting kids that young, so the idea of being responsible for them in a theme park stresses him out and doesn’t feel fair.

Because he and his wife aren’t big fans of certain rides, they fear they’ll be stuck waiting around with the kids while the other adults go on rides and have fun.

nemanjanovakovic – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual people

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