He Embarrassed His Sister At Her Engagement Party When He Contradicted The Lies She Had Been Telling People About Their Childhood

He suddenly felt very confused as his sister’s friend elaborated and exposed some of the lies she had been telling all these new people in her life.

His sister never told anyone she had siblings and said their parents were extreme workaholics who kept things quiet.

The new people in her life may have believed that because their parents do own a nice house. However, it was hardly ever quiet. 

“We had friends over constantly who were basically like extra siblings,” he remembered.

“My parents worked the normal amount, and they were home with us as much as possible. We got chauffeured around to sports practices, my parents took the time to get to know all of our friends well, etc. I would even go so far as to say they were more involved in our lives than average.”

As it turned out, growing up, his sister was the one who always went off on her own and hardly participated in any family activities.

He and his brothers made no effort to maintain the lies his sister had spread about their childhood and began entertaining the engagement party guests with stories from their past.

Before long, a group of people was surrounding them, listening to their stories.

He and his brothers were blowing the minds of their sister’s new friends, especially because they had no idea her three brothers even existed. By the end of the party, he had a great time and felt like he made some new friends himself.

However, his sister was not happy with what they had done.

“After the event, apparently, my sister was crying because I embarrassed her in front of all of her friends and that the work she had put in to separate herself from us ‘golden children’ had been undone,” he said.

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