He Has A Doppelganger, And His Loved Ones Usually See It Come Out At Night

ID 147830343 - © Andreiuc88 - - illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

A doppelganger, translated from German, means “double-walker,” or an exact double of a person. Some people are certain that they have a doppelganger, like this man who says that every person close to him has had an experience of talking to him or seeing him when he’s not around.

It started when he was 13. One day, he was done with school early, and he hung out at a friend’s house instead of taking the bus home. A few hours later, he walked home, where something strange happened.

“When I got into the house, I heard my mom speaking to someone upstairs, which was unusual since we were normally the only two people there at any given time,” he explained.

“When I turned the corner to see what was going on, I saw her looking into the open door of my room, and I heard her having a conversation.”

“Obviously confused, I asked who was over, at which point she jumped, turned around, and got white in the face.”

His mom told him that she’d been on the phone. However, later on, she confessed that that was a lie.

Apparently, she thought he was already home from school and was trying to wake him up from a nap, even though he was at a friend’s house at the time.

Several years later, he was in his first serious relationship. They had been dating for a few months when he moved into his first apartment with some close friends.

One night, his girlfriend spent the night at his apartment, and he was suddenly woken up by her crying.

ID 147830343 – © Andreiuc88 – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

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