He Has A Doppelganger, And His Loved Ones Usually See It Come Out At Night

“When I asked her what was wrong, she told me that she had gotten up to use the bathroom,” he said.

“When she came out, she saw me walking down the hallway and towards the stairs. Assuming I had just woken up from her getting out of bed and went to get a glass of water, she didn’t think anything of it until she turned the corner and saw me laying in the same spot I was in, completely asleep.”

Shockingly, his roommates started to have the same experiences, most often at night. And it didn’t stop there.

“This has continued throughout every relationship and close friendship I’ve acquired, to the point where it’s become something that I have to disclose while also trying to sound sane,” he shared.

Strangely, he hasn’t ever personally seen his own doppelganger. The only way he’s ever learned that his doppelganger was around was when he’s had to comfort someone after they had an experience that shook them to the core.

Do you have a doppelganger? Have you ever seen your own doppelganger?

You can read the original post on Reddit here.

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