He Made A Sarcastic Remark To A Mom At A Child’s Birthday Party After She Implied He Didn’t Know How To Take Care of His Daughter

The lady asked him if he knew what he was doing regarding parenting. He kindly explained that he takes things day by day with Morgan. Despite that, she reminded him he “really has to know” what he’s doing. He did his best to grin and bear this experience, telling the lady he understood.

But then, she asked him what his plan would be if he ever “slipped” as a parent or stopped showing up for Morgan. 

Unable to take this lady’s attitude anymore, he answered her sarcastically.

“I told her my plan is to drive Morgan into the woods, tape $20 to her wrist, give her a hearty handshake, wish her good luck, and tell her to run free,” he recalled.

“[The] lady gets mad, tells me she asked a legitimate question, and said she hopes that my clear lack of maturity doesn’t seep into my parenting.”

Instead of letting this woman tear him down, he simply approached Morgan, hugged her, and tried to enjoy the rest of their day.

Was he wrong to say those to that woman, or was it a good comeback?

You can read the original post on Reddit here.

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