He Secretly Slept With The Wife Of The Guy His Own Wife Had An Affair With Just To Get Revenge

hbrh - - illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

This guy got married to his wife around 3 years ago. Sadly, he recently found out that his wife began an affair with her coworker about 1 year back.

He only figured this out after he caught sight of his wife’s coworker’s car parked outside of his home one day.

Before that, he was suspicious of his wife, and after seeing the car, he hired a private investigator to get more evidence for him. Well, the PI did not disappoint, and he was furious to have cold, hard proof.

“Then I got a call from the coworker’s wife that she came to know about the affair,” he explained.

“She only had texts they used to send, but I have all the receipts of their hangouts. Together we decided to confront them.”

“We used to meet up a lot. She told me she had suspected his affair since her pregnancy. They have 3 children together. One day we had an idea that we should sleep with each other as revenge.”

They followed through with their revenge plan, and he admits it felt great to him to be getting back at his wife in this way.

Since sleeping together for the first time, he’s been regularly meeting up with this woman to hook up with her.

“She is an amazing woman,” he said. “I would say she is better at some things in bed than my wife. Mostly, I am very angry with my wife. Because in some of her texts with her affair partner, she and AP made fun of AP’s wife.”

hbrh – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

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