He Told His Girlfriend’s Dad That The Food He Cooks Is Garbage After His Girlfriend’s Dad Yelled At His Girlfriend And Said He Would Never Walk Her Down The Aisle

Things recently came to a head when she went to her parents’ house for a visit, and her dad asked her to stay for dinner. 

She told her dad no and explained that he was making one of her favorite meals at home, so she would eat dinner at their place instead. 

According to his girlfriend, her dad flipped out. He told her she had been acting like a snob ever since dating him and that he would never walk her down the aisle if the two of them were to get married because he couldn’t stand him. 

When his girlfriend called him crying, saying she was too distressed to drive and needed a ride home, he became furious.

“I love her and hate it when she cries,” he said. “I picked her up there and, on my way out, told him that the reason his entire family asks me to cook at family functions is that, unlike him, I actually knew what I was doing instead of just throwing bacon and butter at everything and calling it a day. I told him I wouldn’t feed his garbage to the strays.”

Since that blowout, there’s been a lot of tension between him and his girlfriend’s family. While his girlfriend appreciates him defending her, she feels like he may have gone too far with what he said.

His girlfriend’s mom and sister are on their dad’s side, which he understands, but he doesn’t like being at odds with them because he adores them.

How can he make things right with his girlfriend’s dad?

You can read the original post on Reddit here.

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