He Went On A First Date With A Girl Who Tried To Pressure Him Into Sleeping With Her, Even Though She Made It Clear She Wanted Something Serious

serhiibobyk - - illustrative purposes only, not the actual people

This 36-year-old guy met a 33-year-old woman on a dating app around 2 weeks back. In this woman’s profile, she very clearly stated that she was looking for a long-term relationship.

She also said in her profile that guys shouldn’t message her at all if they’re just trying to find someone to hook up with.

He thought this was completely alright, as he’s not looking for a hookup either and is really interested in something serious.

So, he started a conversation with her, and they spoke for a couple of days on the app before exchanging numbers and texting for several more days.

On Thursday evening, they went out on their first date. They had dinner together before grabbing drinks.

“We had just 3 drinks each, so not really drunk,” he explained. “She drove me back to my place. We made out for a minute in her car at the end of the night, she then asked, “Should we go up to your place?”

“I said I’d rather not do that tonight, but maybe next time. She pushed the issue…”

“She was then clearly visibly disappointed, and said, “I can respect that.” I reminded her how she mentioned she “Wasn’t looking for a Tinder hookup.” She said, “Well I’d like to think this wasn’t just gonna be a hookup.” Which left me confused.”

He got out of her car and walked into his place alone, and his date drove off. But then, half an hour later, his date sent him an odd text.

serhiibobyk – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual people

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