Her Boyfriend Accused Her Of Eating Too Much On A Beautiful Vacation To France

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Years ago, this 22-year-old woman struggled with an eating disorder– starving herself until she was severely underweight.

Her current 27-year-old boyfriend, who she has been with for three years now, knew about this, too. But for the past two years or so, she has been working on enjoying her “fear foods” without judging herself too harshly.

She is also now at a healthy weight– 135 pounds at five-foot-five– and typically goes to the gym once or twice a week.

She also goes bouldering once a week and is proud of herself for remaining active in the face of her current struggles with depression and anxiety.

However, her boyfriend has always been extremely fit– despite being underweight– and has been seriously obsessed with fitness over the past year. In fact, she claimed that all he really talks about now is fitness, and he goes to the gym constantly.

On top of that, her boyfriend recently began counting calories in hopes of gaining weight, and the habit has started to stress her out.

After all, she used to count calories to lose weight while struggling with her eating disorder, and her boyfriend doing it does trigger her a bit.

“I have told him this before, and he tries not to talk about calories too much anymore, but it still comes up about once a day,” she said.

For instance, he will point out when certain foods are a “weight gainer.” He also weighs himself at least two times every single day.

JFL Photography – – illustrative purposes only

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