Her Boyfriend Invited An Ex-Convict To Live With Them Without Even Telling Her First - illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

This 28-year-old woman has been with her boyfriend, who is 31, for five years and has been living with him for three years.

But, earlier this year, her boyfriend started telling her about a “friend,” a 33-year-old guy he had met.

Then, she found out that her boyfriend’s new friend had actually been convicted of “minor” assault charges eight years ago.

Still, she did not read too much into their friendship until she returned home two months ago and went into sheer panic mode after realizing that a man– who she had never even met– was in her home.

Well, it turned out that her boyfriend had invited the ex-convict to live with them and never even told her!

“And my partner left the man alone in our house while he went to go buy additional groceries and living supplies for him to be more comfortable,” she recalled.

While this might have been the end of the relationship for some people, she actually managed to forgive her boyfriend after they had numerous conversations in private about the situation.

Still, she did give her boyfriend one condition: if the man ever started disrupting their lives, then he would be forced to move out.

Now, her boyfriend agreed to that at the time. But she claims that since then, the man has undeniably disrupted her life in countless ways.

However, just yesterday, she reached her ultimate breaking point. – illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

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