Her Boyfriend Of Eight Years Admitted He Thinks His Ex Is His Soulmate, Not Her

But, just a few days ago, that changed while she was watching the reality TV show “90 Day Fiancé.”

Apparently, at one point during an episode, one of the women on the show told her fiancé that she did not really think he was her soulmate. The woman also expected her fiancé to just accept that and marry her anyway.

Honestly, she thought that was pretty absurd, too. That’s why she wound up broaching the topic with her boyfriend– explaining the situation on the reality show and talking about how crazy she thought it was.

To her total surprise, though, her boyfriend did not think it was nearly as wild as she did. In fact, he wound up dropping his own bomb on her and revealing how he didn’t think she was his soulmate.

Instead, his boyfriend admitted to thinking that his first ex-girlfriend was actually his true soulmate.

“It was like a punch to my gut, to say the least,” she recalled.

She did not hesitate to tell her boyfriend how shocking that news was. Then, the next day, he apologized to her.

Regardless, the apology did not really make finding out about his true feelings any better.

She actually wound up telling her boyfriend that the fact he doesn’t think of her as his soulmate just changed everything for her.

So, she no longer wants to try for a second baby, and her first instinct is to end the relationship in order to save herself from future heartache.

“I’m just heartbroken and in shock. If I had known about this eight years ago, I would have never invested my time,” she vented.

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