Her Boyfriend Said That Her Sister Is Hotter Than Her Two Different Times, And She Thinks This Has To Mean That Her Boyfriend No Longer Finds Her Attractive

ID 153375599 - © Axel Bueckert - - illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

This 29-year-old girl has a boyfriend who is 36, and yesterday morning, she and her boyfriend were in the car together when her sister sent a text to their family on a group chat.

Her 22-year-old sister said that some girl had made a nasty remark about her outfit. She texted her sister that the girl had to have been envious of her, and then she told her boyfriend about what was going on.

Her boyfriend chimed in and said to tell her sister that clearly her sister was looking hot, and the other girl had to be looking awful and was mad about it.

She thought this was decent advice, and she agreed with him. But as their conversation kept going, her boyfriend said something shocking.

“But then, in the course of our conversation, he said the interaction was ridiculous because my sister is the hottest out of all her siblings, including me,” she explained.

“The first time he said that I figured he wasn’t really thinking, so I just kind of called him out on it with a “Well, gee, thanks…” but then he said it AGAIN. So I just repeated it back to him and said “you seriously doubled down on saying that twice?” And he tried to laugh it off.”

She was absolutely furious and didn’t say anything to him for the remainder of their car ride. Her boyfriend picked up on the fact that she was livid, so he kept trying to say he was in love with her.

His actions proved to her that he knew he had really hurt her feelings. He never said sorry to her, though, and that just made her even angrier.

Later on, he said he was a jerk, but still, he never once apologized for saying her sister is hotter than she is…twice.

ID 153375599 – © Axel Bueckert – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

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