Her Driver’s License Photo Saved Her From Having To Pay For Car Repairs After She Ran Into The Vehicle In Front of Her

He told her to stop by his office in Beverly Hills the following week so they could get the charges sorted out. He even offered to help her find an agent.

So next week, she arrived at his office building, which was super fancy and bustling with tons of people. As his assistant led her to his office, she couldn’t help but be a little nervous about the whole situation.

When she reached his office, he told her that he had just wanted to meet in person and that he had taken care of all the expenses so she wouldn’t have to pay a dime.

So the next time you’re due for a new driver’s license photo, remember this story and make sure to look your best in it!

Some TikTok users also shared a few instances in the comments section where they hit a car and got away with it.

“I tapped a guy in front of me in the rain once and the wife got out and called me all these bad names and the husband got out and said no worries,” commented one user.

“I hit a guy once. Exchanged numbers and drove away because it was around midnight. He texted me the next day asking to take me out,” said another.

“One time, I tapped a guy’s brand new Camaro & he looked me up and down, asked my age & said ‘You good lil mama,'” wrote a third.

What was your first fender bender like?



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