Her Ex-Boyfriend Called Her Numerous Times Before Passing Away But Never Left A Message, So She Feels Tormented Trying To Figure Out What He Wanted

From then on, they never spoke again. She deleted her ex’s number, and even when they ran into each other on three separate occasions, she just ignored him. Her ex did the same.

She eventually moved on, too, and relocated to another city. It was during her twenties that she started unpacking her trauma and got some help for her mental health.

About 10 years ago, she also met and fell in love with a man who is now her husband. They have since started a family, and she claimed to have finally found her peace and happiness.

But, just a couple of months ago, she started to receive a bunch of random phone calls from two different numbers.

Now, she normally never answers the phone if she does not know who is calling. Instead, she will just let the call go to voicemail.

But after receiving about 10 or 15 calls, she decided to answer twice. Both times, no one responded to her on the other end of the phone.

“The second time, I heard a male voice sigh and hang up. And in late May, the flurry of phone calls stopped,” she explained.

“I found out in mid-June from a mutual acquaintance that he passed away in late May. I looked up the numbers. Turns out it was him.”

According to her, her anger and upset about their relationship were put to rest a long time ago. Over the years, she even admitted to thinking about her ex on rare occasions and mentally wishing him well.

Ever since learning about his passing, though, she now feels “tormented.”

She does not know the circumstances surrounding her ex’s death; neither does her acquaintance.

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