Her Fiancé’s Mom Told Her That She Always Thought Her Son Would End Up With A Woman Who Looked More Like A Princess, Which Made Her Cry

Mila Supinskaya - - illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

Mothers-in-law can be brutal. Many women get married to men whose moms are fabulous and welcoming. However, there’s also that population of mothers-in-law that makes you feel super alienated.

One woman shunned her future mother-in-law after she said she always thought her son would end up with someone who looked more like a princess.

She’s 29, and her 27-year-old fiancé is very close with his mom. He’s an only child, and his parents only live about six houses down from them, so she visits often.

Two weeks ago, his fiancé was visiting his mom, and she said something that shocked him. First, her future mother-in-law asked her fiancé if she had lost weight. She’s a five foot-five curvy woman, so hearing her fiancé’s mom ask about her body like that was uncomfortable.

Her fiancé said he didn’t know if she had lost weight and hadn’t asked her. When he asked his mother-in-law to elaborate, his mom said, “I always pictured you with a princess or mermaid. You know someone taller and thinner. I just feel bad I didn’t say something sooner and intervened in the relationship before it got this far.”

Shocked by his mom’s words, her fiancé could hardly say anything at the moment. After making those comments, his mom left, and her fiancé told her everything once she came home. 

“I obviously was devastated,” she recalled.

“His mother and I had an amazing relationship before this and were extremely close.”

She tried so hard to be a good future daughter-in-law. For instance, her fiancé’s family isn’t from the U.S., so she did her best to learn their native language to make it easier for them to communicate and would always invite them out to gatherings. 

Mila Supinskaya – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

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