Her Friend Took An Attitude With Her And Said It Must Be Nice To Be Able To Take A Pay Cut Because She Has The Financial Privilege of Falling Back On Her Family

“I’ll admit that I snapped back at him and told him that he makes triple the amount of money I do and that, at some point, he needs to realize he’s now got privileges of his own instead of pointing out mine,” she recalled.

“The conversation got a bit heated, and we agreed to hang up and cool off before talking it over later.”

The way Nathan said that made her feel like he was implying that she can only accept a lower salary because she’ll always have her financially stable family to catch her if she falls. Unlike him, who has no one to fall back on and needs to ensure he’s always secure.

However, she hated being in an argument with him, so they eventually talked it out, and they apologized to each other.

“I think that since we started our careers at the same place and time, it’s easy for us to compare ourselves, and we’re both guilty of the competitive comparison game with each other,” she said.

“Anyway, it’s all good now, and I think we’ve opened up a good dialogue where I can learn more about my buddy’s past and what it’s been like for him and try and support him with some of the mental struggles of coming from poverty.”

Was she wrong to snap at Nathan, or was her reaction valid? 

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