Her Grandma Asked To Wear Her Prom Dress Out To A Party, But She Told Her No

ID 117184934 - © D Bergallo - - illustrative purposes only, not the actual people

This 16-year-old girl recently went shopping for her prom dress, and when she did, she brought along her 35-year-old mom and her 54-year-old grandma.

Her grandma and mom are super young, and her grandma did have her mom at 19-years-old, and her mom then went on to have her at the exact same age.

But anyway, she wound up finding a gorgeous prom dress when she went out shopping with them, and her mom and her grandma generously both paid for half of her dress.

Later on, when the evening of her prom arrived, her grandma started asking about wearing her dress, and this was before she even got to put it on herself for her big night out.

“As I was getting ready on my prom night, my Nan started saying how she ‘would love to try it on at the weekend’ and ‘she loves it so much,'” she explained.

“I ignore her and get ready for my prom. I had a lovely time and had forgotten about her comment. Two days later, she said, “Can I wear your prom dress?”

Well, she told her grandma no, she was not going to lend her her prom dress to wear.

After she shot her grandma down, her grandma started ranting that she paid for half of her prom dress, so she is entitled to wear it if she wants to.

Her grandma has not stopped arguing her point and won’t let the issue go. Her grandma really wants her to hand over the dress so she can wear it out to a party.

ID 117184934 – © D Bergallo – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual people

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