Her Pregnant Friend Is Very Upset With Her After She Told Her That She’s Not Ready To Face The Realities of Parenting

Aleksandr - - illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

As we get older and watch our friends get married and have kids, a whole lot of feelings begin flying around.

One woman recently upset her friend after giving her honest feedback on her pregnancy. 

She’s 26-years-old and has a friend who is the same age. Her friend has been married to her 29-year-old husband for a few years, and she recently found out they’re expecting a baby.

Unfortunately, she wasn’t as excited for her friends as a lot of other people were. 

“My friend has always had baby fever,” she said. 

“I’m mainly concerned about their ability to be parents. They both work full-time and when they get home, they complain they are too tired to take care of stuff around the house.”

Much of her concern has to do with her friends’ messy and laid-back lifestyle. They often eat out for meals because they’re either too lazy to cook or don’t know how to. Her friends are also quite messy, and she’s used to seeing their house in chaotic disarray. 

Something else that worries her is her friends’ money management skills. She’s noticed that they’ll often prioritize material items instead of essentials and have had moments where they’ve struggled financially because of their spending habits. 

Finally, she doesn’t think her friends have a great living space for raising a baby. Their house is very small, and she doesn’t think it’s a safe environment. 

Aleksandr – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

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