Her Sister-In-Law Posted A Picture of Her Ugly Crying In The Wedding Dress She Just Purchased Because She’s 15 Pounds Too Heavy For It, And Her Fiancé Saw It

Still, those two situations could not compare to what happened after she found her dream dress.

Now, for context, there was one major problem with the gown she fell in love with: she was about 15 pounds too heavy for it.

“And I bawled my eyes out because I knew this was the dress for me,” she recalled.

However, everyone in her social circle was extremely supportive and pointed out how she still had plenty of time to lose weight or just go back for a fitting.

That’s why she ultimately “said yes to the dress” and agreed to get the gown.

Well, after she got home later that evening, she went on Instagram and realized her sister-in-law had posted a picture. Lo and behold, it was a photo of her “ugly crying” in her wedding dress!

“I was absolutely livid,” she said.

“My fiancé has already seen the Instagram picture, and I am devastated. He was not supposed to see me in the dress until our wedding day, and I know so many more people have seen it!”

That’s why she just couldn’t help but call her sister-in-law and freak out over the phone. First, she accused her sister-in-law of ruining her wedding.

Then, she claimed that her sister-in-law was no longer in her bridal party.

Following the outburst, her mom reached out and claimed to understand her feelings. Nonetheless, her mom said that she still lacked compassion and seriously hurt her sister-in-law’s feelings.

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