Her Sister Keeps Trying To Get With Her Boyfriend, And She’s Debating If She Should Confront Her

Then, her sister suggested the three of them go camping together and share a tent. She wasn’t thrilled about this idea.

“This made me uncomfortable with all the stuff she’s been doing lately, so I said our tent couldn’t fit a third person, and she replied that she didn’t have a tent (she does),” she shared.

Apparently, her sister had already brought up the idea of sleeping in a tent together with her boyfriend.

He told her sister that the three of them could camp in the same area, but he never agreed that they would all share the same tent.

Despite that, her sister still assumed they would be sleeping in one tent on their camping trip.

After discussing the drama, her boyfriend came to the conclusion that he should stop talking to her sister.

She already has limited contact with her sister and only sees her sister when she visits their mother.

Currently, she hasn’t yet confronted her sister about everything. Her boyfriend supports whatever decision she makes.

Until now, she didn’t think she’d ever be in a position where she’d have to cut off contact with her sister.

Even though her sister’s actions made her and her boyfriend uncomfortable, they had been able to just brush everything off and ignore her.

In the end, she is afraid to talk to her sister about making advances toward her boyfriend because her sister is a very defensive person.

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