He’s Afraid His Wealthy Sisters Will Think He’s A Freeloader For How He Suggested They Split Their Campsite Bill On Their Family Vacation

Nataliia Vyshneva - - illustrative purposes only

Each year, this guy and his family take a camping trip. His sisters, his sister’s husbands, and his sister’s kids all sleep in RVs, and since he’s childless as well as single, he gets a tent to himself.

His grandparents and parents also join the family trip, and they also sleep in RVs. They always book 4 separate campsites, which comes out to 1 campsite per RV.

He never gets his own campsite, since there’s always plenty of room between the 4 RVs for him to put his car and tent.

Several years back, one of his sisters said that the three of them as siblings should split the cost of the 2 different RV sites.

He agreed to that, as since he doesn’t have to outright pay for his own spot, he doesn’t have a problem pitching in for his 2 sisters and their sites.

“But for the first couple of years, we’ve done this, we split it three ways, so my sister and her family, my other sister and her family, and I by myself pay an equal amount,” he explained.

“This didn’t quite seem fair to me. One sister’s family has four total, and the other has five. And again, I am only one person.”

“So this year I suggested we do per adult: my sisters, my brothers-in-law, and me, so a five-way split. That seemed a good compromise between per family and per person. While no one is angry about it, there is a perceptible tension and annoyance about it.”

It does make things a little more difficult that he doesn’t have his own RV, as this means he can’t contribute a lot of food to their trips.

Nataliia Vyshneva – – illustrative purposes only

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