He’s Considering Ending Things With His Fiancée Because She Promises To Come Home At A Certain Time, Yet Stays Out Until The Early Morning Hours Hanging Out With Friends

Otherwise, he restlessly wonders where she is all evening, and that impacts his ability to get some shut-eye.

“I don’t think she’s up to something suspicious or anything, but this behavior is dishonest and disrespectful, it is starting to erode some of my trust in her,” he said.

“I don’t spend much time out at bars, but when I have plans that don’t involve my fiancée, I do give her a timeframe of when I can be expected and I stick to it. I do think that’s courteous and normal to do with someone you’re in a relationship with.”

Despite speaking to her, she continues to blow him off, not give him an accurate time he can expect her to return home and just dismisses this as a concern.

“This isn’t something I want to put up with,” he said. “Am I insane for feeling like I should end the relationship over this?”

“I mean, that is what you do when your boundaries are crossed. Am I being unreasonable or, worse, controlling? I just want some insight as to what is healthy for me to ask for in this.”

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