He’s Refusing To Take In His Teen Stepsister While Her Grandma Undergoes Chemotherapy

“She’s 13 by now, so mostly self-sufficient,” he reasoned. “But the grandma kept telling me she’s already called her brother, my father, her daughter, and no one will help.”

So, he ultimately told his stepsister’s grandma that he would think about it before hanging up the phone. Then, even though he did not want to, he decided to call his father to get more clarity on the situation.

His father claimed that the grandmother’s health outlook was not great– meaning that whoever took his stepsister in would likely be forced to care for her indefinitely if the grandma passed away.

At that point, he pointed out how the teen was his father’s daughter and claimed his dad should be responsible for the childcare.

Nonetheless, his dad claimed to have paid his share of child support. His dad also admitted to never wanting another child and called his daughter “just an accident.”

“We had a yelling match, and I’m pretty disgusted by him. But my dad clearly only paid child support and wants nothing more to do with her,” he explained.

So, he was forced to call his stepsister’s grandma back and tell her that he was unable to help. He also pointed out how the only real option she had was to sue his father to help out.

But, the grandmother was very disappointed by this and wound up crying, telling him that she did not have time to do that.

She also revealed how if he did not help, then his stepsister would likely go to Child Protective Services (CPS) since both the school and hospital know about the situation.

Not to mention, his stepsister is essentially unsupervised right now, and she has apparently been trying to cope with the situation by doing drugs, drinking, and running away at night with her boyfriend. That’s why the grandmother is concerned that his stepsister might get pregnant.

Regardless, he really does not want to help– mainly because he feels like he has no obligation to. In his eyes, his father created his stepsister, so his father should be the one to step up to the plate.

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