His Girlfriend Admitted That She Wouldn’t Be With Him If He Didn’t Have A Great Job, So He’s Convinced She’s Only With Him For The Money

Yet, his girlfriend simply did not like the idea of him not working. Then, she even admitted how she would have never gone out with him to begin with if he did not have his current job. Now, that obviously hurt him a bit, and he was shocked to learn that was how his girlfriend felt.

“It makes me feel like she just wanted to be with me for the money I’m making,” he revealed.

He also pointed out how his girlfriend had gone for periods of time without working, and he never cared. Plus, he just thought he could take some time off to travel together, spend more time with each other, and just enjoy their relationship.

Ever since his girlfriend’s sour reaction to the idea, though, he’s been having mixed feelings about their relationship.

“Now I just think that if I wasn’t making good money, she would have never even been interested, which makes me feel like I’m more of a safety net than someone she really desired to be with,” he vented.

Still, he really does value his girlfriend, and he hopes this issue doesn’t end their relationship. So, he’s been left wondering whether getting upset about her reaction to him quitting his job was justified or not.

How would you feel if your partner said the same thing to you? Does his girlfriend’s reaction seem hypocritical, given the fact that she’s gone without jobs throughout their relationship? What should he do?

You can read the original post on Reddit here.

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