His Loved Ones Threw Him A Baby Shower, But He Didn’t Invite His Pregnant Ex, And She Feels Insulted He Would Do This Without Her

ID 199344974 - © Natalie Maro - - illustrative purposes only

This guy and his ex are currently expecting their first child together, and his ex is 26 weeks into her pregnancy.

He is the last person in his group of friends, and in his family who has yet to have a child, so all of his loved ones are thrilled.

They thought it would be a fun idea to throw him a baby shower just for him. They did ask him if he would like to invite his ex.

He informed his loved ones that he didn’t want his ex at his baby shower because although he has discussed co-parenting with her, he wants to keep his life separate from her now.

He believes it’s important not to include his ex in things that are not deemed “necessary,” and since this party was for just him and his loved ones, he wanted to exclude her from the festivities.

“So they threw me this baby shower, and it was honestly quite some fun,” he explained. “It was all just jokes…”

“We had a great lunch, had some drinks, treats, and the gift giving. It was more of a celebratory party of me finally joining the parent club than anything.”

“We took a bunch of funny parody-type pictures of typical baby shower photoshoots like one with my stomach out and my friends were feeling the ‘baby’ and one of me under baby shower banner with all the balloons and gifts etc.”

His loved ones later shared the photos online, and his ex did see them all. She was extremely unhappy to find out that he got to have a baby shower for their baby, and she was not invited.

ID 199344974 – © Natalie Maro – – illustrative purposes only

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