His Wife Started Posting Negative Content About Their Marriage On Social Media, And He Hates That She’s Airing Out Their Personal Life

So, he is, first of all, upset about his wife’s content supposedly being really inaccurate. Secondly, he is also really uncomfortable with his wife sharing elements of their personal life with friends, family, and strangers on the internet who engage with the content as well.

That’s why he tried to discuss the situation with his wife. However, he claimed that she just shrugged off his concerns and accused him of being insensitive toward the struggles that women endure.

Plus, he also got told that he just didn’t understand his wife’s need for an outlet to vent.

After that, he admitted to completely losing his patience and freaking out on his wife in front of their kids.

He told his wife that she was acting like a “keyboard warrior” who was too busy “getting clout from toxic women online” than being interested in the reality of their life.

Then, he even accused his wife of being an ungrateful jerk who was spreading lies about both him and their marriage.

Now, he immediately regretted calling his wife a jerk after he saw her reaction and realized that his daughter had also started crying.

“She looked more sad than angry with what I was saying, and she just sort of shut down,” he recalled.

Since then, his wife has not spoken to him, either– well, outside of very short conversations about things like meals or their kids.

So, while he did feel like he had a right to be upset with his wife, given what she was posting on social media, he does believe that he may have gone too far.

“And I really don’t know how to approach the rest of the discussion we obviously need to have,” he vented.

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