In 1990, This 21-Year-Old Mysteriously Vanished After Leaving Work And Parking Her Car At Her Home Garage: She Never Went Inside And Was Never Seen Again

FBI - pictured above is Veronica

When Veronica Blumhorst was only 7 months old, she was adopted by her parents, Paul and Betty.

The couple already had one older adopted daughter. Then, Veronica became their middle child after having their youngest son.

The Blumhorst family resided in Mendota, Illinois, a tiny, tight-knit community of approximately 7,000 people. Paul and Betty’s family were no different.

Every summer, they would take a trip wherever the kids wanted to go. And as time went on, Paul and Betty watched as their children grew into young adults.

Their oldest daughter, Carolyn, was moved out and married by 1990. Their youngest, Todd, was also in high school.

As for Veronica, she was 21 years old by September 1990– still living with her parents while working at a local grocery store.

The grocery store where she was employed, Dempsey’s Super Valu, was located just a couple of blocks away from the Blumhorst home.

But, after Veronica worked a shift on September 19, 1990, something went tragically wrong. She vanished without a trace and remains missing to this day.

It all began that Wednesday while Veronica suffered through a night shift at the grocery store. Earlier that week, she had already taken off work after getting sick. However, she returned to work on Wednesday, hoping to stick out her shift.

FBI – pictured above is Veronica

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