On Her Very First Date With Her Boyfriend, She Took A Trip Across The Country For A Wedding

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When you think of a typical first date, what comes to mind is probably something like going out to dinner and a movie. It’s simple, safe, and noncommittal.

Most people would never even consider boarding a plane and attending a wedding with someone on the fourth date, let alone the first.

TikToker Alicia Mae Holloway (@aliciamaeholloway) did just that. Her very first date with her boyfriend consisted of taking a trip across the country to Arizona for a wedding.

So Alicia and her boyfriend met a few years ago in late summer at a nightclub in New York City. They hung out the night they met and exchanged contact information.

Two months later, they met up again on Halloween night. After that, they would often respond to each other’s Instagram stories but didn’t really communicate much beyond that.

But in December, while Alicia was in Kansas, he texted her, asking if she wanted to be his plus one at a wedding he was invited to.

She debated on whether or not she should go and ended up telling her friend about it, who encouraged her to accept the invitation.

She lived in Manhattan, while he lived right outside the city in New Jersey, so she assumed the wedding would take place in either of those places. However, he informed her that the wedding was in Arizona after she had already agreed to go!

Immediately, Alicia started freaking out. He reassured her and told her he would take care of the flights and book the hotel rooms.

BBbirdZ – – illustrative purposes only

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