Right Before Her Husband Passed Away, She Found Out About His Mistress, And Now This Girl Is Pressuring Her To Hand Over Her Husband’s Possessions Like His Wedding Ring So She Can Pass Them Down To Her Baby

olly - - illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

I can only imagine how painful it must be to find out that your spouse cheated on you. But I can hardly fathom finding out they’re having a baby with the person they cheated on you with.

One woman is angry after she’s been pressured to hand over some of his possessions so they can be given to his mistress’s child.

She’s 30-years-old and was married to her husband for six years. Unfortunately, he passed away in an accident a few months ago.

Right before he passed, she found out that her husband had cheated on her with a woman he worked with. 

“When he died, I hadn’t decided yet what was going to happen in our relationship,” she explained.

“We entered counseling and were still living together, but obviously, it was hectic. As I wasn’t sure if we were going to divorce, I decided not to tell our families and only confided in a few close friends and my therapist.”

Then, a few weeks ago, she received some shocking news. 

The woman, her husband, cheated on her with reached out to her to let her know she was five months pregnant with his child. She also asked for her husband’s family’s information so she and her baby could form a relationship with them.

She wanted no part in this woman’s life, so she simply passed along some of her husband’s family contacts and tried to move on. However, her husband’s family is actually coming around to the idea of having a relationship with his baby and mistress. Although she wants no part in this journey, she accepts they can do what they want.

olly – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

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