She And Her Boyfriend Were Driving Home One Night When They Saw A Girl Crawling On All Fours

ID 208281779 - © Konstantin Grigorev - - illustrative purposes only

Sometimes, things happen that leave us with more questions than answers.

Last night at around midnight, this woman’s boyfriend was driving her home. She was on her phone and had something pulled up to show her boyfriend once they’d parked.

Suddenly, he whipped around and asked her if she’d seen something out his window just then. Since she’d been looking down at her phone, she hadn’t seen anything, so she asked what he was talking about.

“He said there was a girl on all fours in a driveway, waving her hand and phone light at us as we drove by,” she said.

In a small, suburban neighborhood like theirs, things are pretty quiet. They might see deer and other wildlife in the area, but nothing out of the ordinary.

She said that the craziest thing to happen in their neighborhood was a car that sped and crashed through the living room of a house at the bottom of a hill several years ago.

After her boyfriend explained what he’d seen, he slowed the car down, and they talked about whether they should turn back or not.

They discussed all the possible scenarios: she could be hurt, or in trouble, she could be trying to flag someone down because someone in her house needs help, or she could even be just in the middle of filming a TikTok video.

Another scary possibility she thought of was that this could all be part of a ploy where someone else would jump out at the driver stopping to help the girl.

ID 208281779 – © Konstantin Grigorev – – illustrative purposes only

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