She Ate Alfredo Pasta On A First Date, Even Though Dairy Doesn’t Agree With Her, And Then She Was Embarrassingly Stuck In The Bathroom On The Houseboat This Guy’s Mom Owned

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It seems like the most embarrassing bathroom moments always occur when you’re in a public place. Sometimes, the need arises, and there’s no way to hold it in until you reach the comfort of your own toilet.

After blowing up the bathroom in a public space, you will undoubtedly feel like you humiliated yourself beyond repair. You might not even want to leave the stall, lest you face the humans who bore witness.

However, you have to do the walk of shame out of there eventually. At that moment, you may believe it to be the end of the world as you know it. But as more time passes, you are able to look back and laugh about it.

If you have an intolerance to dairy or lactose, perhaps you can relate to this story. TikToker Hope Moquin (@hopemoquin) is talking about a bathroom emergency she experienced after eating pasta while on a date.

Several years ago, Hope was dating a guy whose mom lived on a houseboat. For one of their dates, he wanted to take Hope out for pasta, stating that he knew a place that served the best Alfredo pasta.

However, Hope was dairy- and lactose-free and well aware that she could not eat cream-based pasta. But he seemed super excited about the pasta, so she agreed to go. She also neglected to inform him that she was lactose intolerant.

At the restaurant, she ordered the Alfredo pasta as per his suggestion. After dinner, they headed back to his mom’s houseboat. As soon as she stepped onto the houseboat, Hope immediately felt the urge to use the bathroom.

Houseboats can be spacious, but they’re not large enough to be able to drown out the noises Hope was making in the bathroom, not to mention the fact that there was only one bathroom on the boat.

She spent 45 minutes on the toilet, trying to clear out her system and calm her cramping stomach.

Africa Studio – – illustrative purposes only

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