She Called Her Best Friend A Gold Digger And Accused Her of Flaunting Money 

Since then, Jill and her then-boyfriend have gotten married. They’ve also had two children together, and she believes that her best friend signed a prenup before tying the knot.

More recently, she and Jill also went out to dinner this past Saturday with two of their other friends from college. Apparently, Jill wanted to treat them to a very expensive restaurant.

She detailed how Jill “does that” often.

“Flaunts her money, clothes, trips, etc. I always try to smile and ignore it, but it has been slowly bothering me,” she revealed.

Still, the dinner was going fine until one of her friends, Amanda, asked what Jill had planned for her birthday.

At that point, Jill claimed to be going away with her husband for a three-week trip to Greece. Amanda, along with her other friend, Sharon, both made remarks about how lovely the trip would be.

She, on the other hand, admitted to scoffing at Jill’s birthday plans. Then, once Jill asked her what was wrong, she actually just went off on her so-called best friend.

“I told Jill that I’m tired of her flaunting her money at everyone all the time, and everyone knows she only married her husband for money,” she explained.

This immediately caused the table to fall silent for a few moments. However, to her surprise, Jill calmly asked if that was what everyone thought about her.

She was honest and plainly told Jill, “Yes.” But, Jill proceeded to ask if it was possible that she initially dated her husband for his money but actually fell in love with him in the process.

Right as her other two friends, Amanda and Sharon, answered, “Of course,” she came in with a resounding “No.”

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