She Caught Her Son And His Best Friend’s Girlfriend Together On Surveillance Footage, And She Thought She Raised Her Son Better Than That

According to her, everyone could tell that her son’s friend seriously loved his girlfriend, too. The girl also seemed to love him back, and their relationship appeared to be going wonderfully from the outside.

That’s why she never suspected that her son was hooking up with his friend’s girlfriend behind his friend’s back.

“They had the most normal friend relationship you’d ever see. Almost brother and sister-in-law like. No flirting, no out-of-the-ordinary remarks ever made… strictly platonic,” she revealed.

So, without a certain series of random events just recently, she never would have caught her son and his friend’s girlfriend together.

For context, she has both indoor and outdoor security cameras at her home despite living in a fairly safe neighborhood. She also claimed that she and her husband only ever check them if an incident happens.

But just a few days ago, their dog escaped, and they could not determine how their pup managed to get out.

That was when she decided to check the security cameras, and as she was rewinding through the footage, she stumbled upon a recording of her son and his friend’s girlfriend.

Now, she detailed how the “rewind” setting was at a fast speed. So, once she decided to hit the “pause” button, the footage stopped on a frame in which her son and his friend’s girlfriend were indecent and hooking up on the couch.

“I was horrified and confused and kept rewinding it to see how this started, and partially because I couldn’t believe what the [heck] I just saw,” she explained.

“It showed my son leading her into the house and putting on a movie. Some kissing happened, leading up to the rest of the… stuff.”

She has not yet confronted her son about what she saw. But she admitted that the cheating had been seriously weighing on her mind, and she was very disappointed.

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