She Freaked Out On Her Stepmom After She Acted Petty Around Her During Her College Graduation Weekend

gzorgz - - illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

Whether you like them or not, graduation ceremonies are a big deal and deserve to be celebrated. Family should be there, and they should be very supportive. Unfortunately, not every graduate gets the praise they deserve.

One young woman had an outburst after her stepmom acted petty around her during her graduation weekend. 

She’s 24 and recently received her master’s degree from Florida State University. She worked very hard and invited a lot of family over for her graduation ceremony earlier this summer.

Inviting her dad also meant inviting her stepmom, whom she’s not the biggest fan of. During all the years they’ve known each other, her stepmom has always tried to undermine her achievements and constantly compares her to her cousins on her dad’s side. Ever since she was a kid, her stepmom has picked on her.

Before heading to Florida for her graduation ceremony, which was on a Saturday, her stepmom texted her that she had made dinner reservations for just them and her dad at a fancy restaurant for that Friday.

“I told her that was nice of them, but I would not be getting dinner with anybody as that Friday I had to work in the morning, get my hair done in the afternoon, and then get ready before the ceremony that night,” she recalled.

“And the next night, I would be hosting a soiree in my apartment and inviting everybody from work as well as my friends in the area.”

Then, her stepmother responded by trying to create a lot of drama, guilt-tripping her and accusing her of making her dad upset. But he wasn’t. When she stopped by their hotel after they got into town, her dad told her not to worry about missing dinner.

“[My] stepmom, however, was fussy the whole time she didn’t get her way,” she said.

gzorgz – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

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