She Had A Bad Dating Experience With A Guy Who Asked Her Not To Remove Her Bra When He Found Out That She Was A Cancer Survivor

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It’s normal to feel nervous about dating, but jumping into dating after overcoming cancer can be particularly nerve-racking because you’re wondering how people will respond to the fact that you’re a cancer survivor.

Dating and dealing with a cancer diagnosis are two of life’s greatest challenges, and when you’re enduring both, it may seem daunting. But the key is to just be yourself and remember to have fun. You don’t have to tolerate negativity from anyone!

TikToker Dani Trops (@dani_trops) is a breast cancer survivor, and she’s talking about a bad dating experience she had with a guy after he asked her not to remove her bra while they were getting physical.

So Dani was single after going through cancer treatments and surgeries. As she began dating again, she decided to be upfront about her diagnosis and how she lost her girls because she just wanted to put it out in the open and get the conversation over with.

It also was a good way to filter out the people who wouldn’t be a good match.

This one guy she went out with seemed to react pretty well when she told him about it. He was very supportive, empathetic, and said all the right things. But the situation took an unexpected turn when they were getting physical.

After they had been on a few dates with each other, Dani invited him back to her place. While there, things started heating up.

Dani was feeling confident about her body and removed her clothes. But when she took her shirt off, he asked her to keep her bra on.

Dani demanded that he leave and showed him to the door because she refused to tolerate someone who didn’t fully accept her.

K.Decor – – illustrative purposes only

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